Does using geodesic dome concept mean all your buildings will look generic?

Definitely no. Customization is the name of the game. We plan to offer our customers various exterior finishes and interior variations in terms of materials, colors and textures. Also the geodesic dome itself allows innumerable combinations of the envelope (i.e. roof/walls). As the time goes by we will be able to provide our customer with more combinations to cater to anyone's tastes.

Why are geodesic domes considered “smart not wise” by some?

This is a misperception conceived by one of the geodesic dome pioneers Lloyd Kahn. His sincere and extensive attempts in bringing geodesic domes mainstream ran into various problems. It could be said the early geodesic dome pioneers were either too ahead of their time or couldn't solve the problems associated with such new building concept. This is also the case of the de facto inventor of geodesic dome – Buckminster Fuller. For more on this topic read question “Why haven't geodesic domes succeeded in the past?”

Are you planning to develop boxish buildings?

Absolutely. From the very first day we approached the technological and design development in a way that would be independent of the shape and size of the building. Modular battery systems, universal construction technology or well specified design language to keep the looks true to our principles. We see geodesic domes as just the first step in what we aspire to work on in the long term. We believe there are many exciting areas that could have huge impact on sustainable future ranging from breakthrough in office buildings, microgrid developments or entirely new phenomenon like seasteading. But of course we need to take one step at a time.