Why join Rada Building?

To do irreplaceable work on a unique problem alongside great people.

You'll have an opportunity to pioneer a new generation of affordable buildings powered by free & zero-carbon energy to help the world transition to sustainability. 

Participate in design and development of a novel geodesic dome building concept with the core innovation at the intersection of design, software and a new approach to manufacturing & construction methods.

All that with like-minded hackers, designers and engineers in a culture driven by vision, determination and last but not least... hard work.

How do we work?

All team members have clearly defined roles, incentives & high-degree responsibility. Ability to learn fast, work in the team and single-minded focus is expected.

Our understanding of work is one where creativity, hacking & improvisation is complemented by order and fine-tuned processes. One without the other is incomplete. Well-balanced application of the two is what produces real technological breakthroughs.


•   Architect / inhabitant experience designer

Design all aspects of human-building interaction; i.e. inhabitant experience. Make the experience seamless and convenient in order for the technology to truly serve life, not inhibit it. Be the one who transitions building architecture to invisible design.

•   Energy management & HVAC engineer

Manage the energy generated by solar and stored in batteries throughout the entire building. Determine and implement heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Be the one who engineers sustainable energy strategy.

•   IOT systems architect & hw/sw engineer

Architect hardware and software layer that governs IOTs and allows for continuous upgrades, collecting data and thus help create the first building as a platform for IOTs. Be the one who leverages the power and potential of software in buildings.

•   Manufacturing engineer

Pioneer novel manufacturing methods for building industries. Devise every aspect of efficiency from machinery to transport to on-site micro-factories. Be the one who masterminds scaling up of the production.

•   Interior designer

Materials, textures & color schemes. Design configurable building looks. Choose and work with suppliers to prepare interior installations for the construction process. Be the one who sets a new standard and brings great interior design into everyday life.

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