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ZET Foundation

Another day another great development to announce! Rada Building has recently partenered up with ZET Foundation, joining the network of like-minded innovators from USA, China, India, Russia, Australia and Canada. Founded by the well-known professor of management systems Milan Zeleny, it's one of a kind organization in the world.

From 3d printing to the new age of robotics there is a tectonic paradigm shift underway - moving away from global to the local. ZET Foundation support for startups is based on a powerful idea of Integrated Productive Environment. It is environment based on innovation in three areas - integration, management & collaboration. Read more about the paradigm shift.


World Alliance for Efficient Solutions

Rada Building is proud to become a founding member of the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions. It unites start-ups, companies and institutions leading the way to sustainability. The Alliance's aim is to find 1000 organizations with the most impactful solutions for the sustainable future of the world. Long term visions based on viability, ability to scale and measurable improvements are the name of the game.

The network of support is provided by Solar Impulse Foundation based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Solar Impulse is well known for it's record breaking, first-ever non-stop solar flight around the world. The extensive network & expertise that made the impossible flight a reality is now provided to the World Alliance for Efficient Solutions.


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